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Electrify the Sky: Painting with Light

Ian Lee electrifies the night with a unique type of energy. Light source? Positivity!

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A Rejuvenatory Re-Design of Culture

The Venus Project, research proposed by Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows, is a virtual prototype of a new civilization, one that shifts focus toward recovery of today’s “damaged” society. Concentrated on providing our planet with a much needed face lift, The Venus Project redirects global goals toward an energy efficient, resource based, and human centered economy. A resource based economy is a system in which supply to all items and needs is available, with complete elimination of the financial focus. All resources would be available holistically, not just to those considered “privileged”. The project proves that our current system based on money, credit, and barter is counter productive to our survival. Through automated and environment friendly technologies, which would replace human labor,  a highly positive and peaceful world plan could be created.The Venus Project would significantly decrease/eliminate negativity: crime, poverty, and many other critical problems that inhibit the potentials of society. Realistically, all negative behaviors are effects caused by current global conditions that exist on Earth.

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