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Luminous Abstractions: Art in America

It was my priority to find my favorite piece of art during a recent visit to “The Art Institute of Chicago”. Realistically, it was impossible to pick one. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a painting which strongly appealed to my senses. The “Sky Above the Clouds” by Georgia O’Keeffe (1963) is truly art that touches the heart.

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The Body Art Chameleon

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Former  hairdresser and make-up artist Emma Hack, today, is nationally recognized for her brilliant art. The seamless blending of wallpapered backgrounds and 3D physiques (camouflaged by painted illustrations) are sure to catch your eye!

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Masterminds of Graffiti

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Masterminds of Graffiti, Digital Retna and El Mac use their sophisticated talents to embellish dull properties. Blazing culture throughout Los Angeles, Miami…(and numerous international hot spots)… these edgy artists are leaders in the street.

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