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The Silent Screams of Communication

For any successful relationship to blossom, effective communication is vital. Communication is not simply just verbal, it accounts for much more than just words, wordless communication channels exist as well! Non-verbal communication is the practice of sending or receiving a silent message. These un-audible channels give insight into human mentality and interpersonal relationships. Basic non-verbal communication is expressed through appearance, kinesics, gestures, facial expressions, touch, paralanguage, and proxemics. In fact, research proves that the majority of our daily communication is non-verbal. ONLY ABOUT 7% OF ALL COMMUNICATION IS VERBAL!

Non-verbal communication has an immense influence on every individual:mentally, emotionally, and physically. With every passing moment, people are always forming conscious and subconscious opinions of others. Just like animals, humans often live through instinct rather than thought; we are creatures of habit! Every behavior is a non-verbal motive, the intuitive effect of some thought or emotion. The cause and effect cycle of thoughts and emotions is uncontrollable, but the attitudes and actions we respond with can be altered! If “actions speak louder than words”, what verbs describe you? Reflect upon your tone of voice, body posture, facial expressions, eye contact, physical movements, and the mood your mind-set forms.

Simple positive “vibes” will give you interpersonal power. More importantly, it will change the outcome of any situation that you may be encountering! Next time you meet someone, remember, they are forming an opinion of you. Instead, create their opinion by using your mind tools and focusing on self-awareness. Evaluate the back-and-forth cues and eradicate unnecessary negative flow. You can become the most approachable and resilient person around by simply using the universal sign for friendliness, THE SMILE! By changing your signals, you are sure to gain a better understanding of yourself, thus your perception will stimulate positive reactions, appraisal, and foremost draw more positive influences into your life! Ultimately, you will form the perfect positive image for yourself as the sparker of positive thinking, reminiscences, feelings, and responses!




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A Rejuvenatory Re-Design of Culture

The Venus Project, research proposed by Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows, is a virtual prototype of a new civilization, one that shifts focus toward recovery of today’s “damaged” society. Concentrated on providing our planet with a much needed face lift, The Venus Project redirects global goals toward an energy efficient, resource based, and human centered economy. A resource based economy is a system in which supply to all items and needs is available, with complete elimination of the financial focus. All resources would be available holistically, not just to those considered “privileged”. The project proves that our current system based on money, credit, and barter is counter productive to our survival. Through automated and environment friendly technologies, which would replace human labor,  a highly positive and peaceful world plan could be created.The Venus Project would significantly decrease/eliminate negativity: crime, poverty, and many other critical problems that inhibit the potentials of society. Realistically, all negative behaviors are effects caused by current global conditions that exist on Earth.

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