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Ko*Starz: They Are



Could it be? ….YES!!!

The KO*STARZ are finally here to revolutionize the “game” with their visionary hip hop/soulful R&B tunes! Being the brightest starz in our galaxy, illuminating the entire universe from Chicago, K-Rich, YoungStarr, and R Dott take positivity to a new level.  Incomparably equal, hence the “KO”, but when united they form the puzzle of perfection. R Dott, is Mr. Smooth, his silky melodies give the ladies a little something to dream about. YoungStarr a.k.a “Final Fantasy” will take you to the moon and back faster than the speed of light; his lyrics and adlibs will not only clex you, but also captivate your mind. Last but not least, there is K-Rich, he is the “sunshine”; his extreme energy and twisted fragments will keep your mind exercised.

With their “today is the best day of your life” attitude, these gentlemen already sit at the top. But that’s my opinion: “KO STARZ, HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO STAY ABOVE YOUR PEERS?”… “WE DON’T, WE WISH THEM THE BEST AND WE GIVE THEM GOOD HOPE.” Instead of thriving on competition, they seek to spark imaginations and senses through powerful lyrics infused with motivational messages.The very contagious KO*STARZ epidemic is spreading and I caught it after listening to the “Summer Solstice” (CLICK HERE FOR FULL MIXTAPE).

WARNING: Symptoms include heightened senses, outbursts of uncontrollable dancing, sudden euphoria, increased mental and physical +++ energy, and an absence of negativity.


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