Let our positivity movement begin…

Nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting, your positive and loving energy has finally brought us together. The purpose of my blog has absolutely no selfish drive, its goal is to make you smile all day, everyday. I want to vibe it out with you! I don’t know where I am going with this but I know that with some time (TIME IS THE WISEST COUNSELOR) together we can set the bar for societies positivity level and begin to turn this world into the Pangea it has the potential to become.

Ever since I discovered the power of positivity, it has transformed my attitude and aura. The first thing I do every morning is embrace the importance of being grateful. This reflection has propelled me into living an abundant life full of compassion and amazing moods.  Everything I have encountered in my journey of life cannot be put into words, only memories. I believe life is extremely punctual. Everything happens for a reason. At the right time, the people in your atmosphere are meant to be there.

            I’m Miss Mali, let’s share a vibe!

My creativity and imagination will advance us to the next levels of enjoying all the exceptional things in life. Together we can overcome every obstacle and rise up as we experience new exciting zones of possibility, positivity, love, life, beauty, stories, health, wealth, inspiration, strategies, ideas until we reach the top.




Stay positive. Be real. Make a difference. Beautify.


I have lived in the (773) a.k.a Chicago my entire life. I have always set out to experience everything that life has to offer, slowly transforming into a multidimensional individual who is always charging hard at the infinite possibilities.Within the first 22 years of my life, I have  gained experience and knowledge beyond my years.  You name it, chances are I’ve done it. I enjoy critical thinking as well as the creative aspects of life. When health knowledge, social butterfly skills, and a fervent futuristic flavor collide, expect the unexpected

Chicago Night Skyline

I am surrounded by love.When you give love, you attract love.


“I activate in order to reflect, I seal the matrix for endlessness with the electric tone of service, and I am guided by the power of the spirit.” (KIN 81)



+ + +

p.s.-You can turn off the sun but I’ll still shine for you.

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  1. Jefe says:

    What up Miss Mali. Nice site. I will look forward to your words of wisdom daily. We need to go out soon and tear it up.

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