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Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd )


Planet: Sun


Your secret talent is charming minds.

Embracing a heart to heart connection through loving and passionate emotions is your life’s purpose.♥

Look at you, you prefer long relationships. Don’t you?

+Of course you are fixed on positivity+

Many depend on you for your warm and guiding heart. Thanks for the support!

You do depend on some! Admit it, you might be bit stubborn.

Usually, your aura has a potent red, yellow, or orange glow.

You are devoted to opening new doors and discovering more about yourself.

Your faithful and honest attitude is always directed at loved ones.

Quite often, you become the creator of a fun atmosphere. You sparker you!

Sometimes you like to complain? (behind closed doors!)

I can tell that you have most laid back personality.



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