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What Color is your Aura?

Red: excitement, energy, affection, passion, power, stability, courage, enthusiasm.

*Loves to remain grounded to their ego and thrives on achievements and success*

Blue:  spirituality, serenity, security, freedom, peace, honesty, devotion.

*Enjoys a calming lifestyle, free from conflict*

Violet: uplifting, sensual, strong imagination, visionary, royalty, creativity.

*Lives in a “fantasy” world, filled with day-dreaming and innovation*

Yellow: optimism, happiness, positivity, energy, stimulation.

*Loves  positive energy and new mental/physical adventures*

Orange: fun, friendly, flamboyant, warmth, inviting, productivity, expression, independence.

*Becomes the center of attention and stimulator of socialization*

Green: persuasion, tranquility, peace, harmony, love, self-renewal, nature, growth ,acceptance, healing.

*Constantly sets goals in order to achieve control while embracing love for all*

Brown: Stability, wholesomeness, dependability, earthly connection.

*Concentrates on being holistically intact, especially with the Earth*

Grey: everlasting, anticipatory.

*Takes life as it comes*

White: clarity, purity of thoughts/actions.

*Creates a well protected lifestyle, filled with many new beginnings*

Black: strength, possibility, sophistication.

*Has a strong focus toward personal drives and motives*





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